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Meet players who play the same type of game you play, follow each, chat and share betting ideas.

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Find Betting Expert

Find betting experts

Find and follow tipsters and forecasters who can help guide your bets in any category of games you like, Tipsters will log in their tips on betrelate after making their bets, and we will track and rank the experts based on their betting history.

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Ranking table

When you share your bet-slip on betrelate, we will enter your bet on a ranking table with other users, therefore, creating a ranking system. The more accurate your bets are, the higher you rank, and the more users will follow your account and what you post.

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Ranking Table
Create Your Own Group

Create your own group

Create your group in any betting category, invite people to join, make the group private or public. the advantage of group is that it helps foster a close communication between smaller numbers of people on betrelate.

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